Onion flakes

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Onions have been a staple of culinary art for millennia, enriching the flavor of a variety of dishes. Our dried onion seasoning maintains all the superior qualities of fresh onions while eliminating the tears and irritation associated with cutting. Dried onion flakes are a practical and convenient way to add rich flavor and aroma to dishes without any fuss.

Use dried onions to speed up the cooking process while still preserving the depth and richness of flavor. From soups to salads, from homemade baked goods to festive dishes — with our dried onions, each dish acquires a special charm.

Prepare a warming soup on a cold winter day, add flavor to salads, or surprise your guests with bread featuring onion rings from your bread maker. With our dried onions, every dish becomes a masterpiece, and your business a model to emulate.

Origin: India