Garlic granules

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Product Description: Garlic granules are the gourmet highlight of our assortment. Gift your dishes with the refined taste and aroma of our garlic granules, made from the best varieties of dried garlic. Our granules are available in various fractions – from large 8/16 mesh for a pronounced flavor to the smallest 40/60 mesh, perfect for subtle seasoning.

Garlic granules are a versatile ingredient that is ideal for meat processing, fish products, vegetable preserves, and many other products. Use them to give a unique flavor to canned vegetables, sauces, ketchups, and sausage products.

In cooking, our garlic granules will become your secret ingredient – add them to salads, soups, meat, and fish dishes to give them a rich aroma and preserve freshness. With our garlic, every dish will be not only tasty but also healthy, thanks to its antibacterial properties.

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Origin: China