Acacia, flower ( Latin name: Robinia pseudoacacia, flos)

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Our acacia is not just a honey-producing plant, but also a source of valuable flowers that can yield up to 8 kg of honey per plant during the flowering period. The fragrant white flowers of acacia, gathered in sparse clusters, are a source of beneficial substances.

The flowers of acacia are widely used in medicine: from treating urinary bladder and kidney diseases to being used in tinctures for rubbing in cases of rheumatism. White acacia is a multifunctional plant used in both European and traditional medicine. It possesses expectorant, laxative, antispasmodic, diuretic, and fever-reducing properties.

For exacerbations of gastritis and ulcerative diseases, alcoholic tinctures from leaves and young shoots of acacia, as well as a decoction of the bark, are used. We harvest and dry flowers, leaves, and bark under optimal conditions to preserve all their beneficial properties.
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Origin: Ukraine