Chaga ( Latin name: Inonotus obliquus)

Introducing an exclusive product for your wholesale online medicinal plant store - Chaga from Russia. Rich in chagic acid, manganese, and cobalt, Chaga is renowned for its unique healing properties and is widely used in comprehensive cancer therapy.

Benefits of Chaga: This valuable medicinal mushroom, a natural source of antioxidants, is used to improve overall health in oncological diseases and is an effective symptomatic treatment. Chaga also serves as a tonic beverage, enriching the diet with beneficial nutrients.

Useful Properties of Chaga: The dense inner part of the Chaga fruit body is used both for brewing and medicinal purposes. Harvested in the ecologically clean regions of Russia, it ensures high-quality products. Beverages made from Chaga are distinguished by their slightly sweet taste and are a rich source of nutrients.

Expand Your Store's Assortment: Including Chaga in your catalog will enrich your offering with natural and effective health products, attracting new customers and strengthening your market position.

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Origin: Russia