Marshmallow, leaf ( Latin name: Althaea officinalis, folia)

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Discover the unique properties of marshmallow in our online store! Marshmallow is a perennial herbaceous plant, growing up to 200 cm tall, with velvety leaves covered in soft hairs.

Marshmallow leaves are not only beautiful but also rich in beneficial substances, including mucilage, essential oils, rubber-like compounds, ascorbic acid, and carotene. These components contribute to tissue regeneration, reduce inflammation, and have an effective expectorant action. Water extracts of marshmallow envelop the stomach's mucous membrane, providing relief for increased stomach acidity.

Marshmallow is also valued for its flowers and herb, containing the pigment malvidin, which is used to obtain various shades from blackish-blue to dark purple in wool dyeing.

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Origin: Ukraine