Hawthorn, fruit( Latin name: Crataegus spp, fructus)

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Description: Hawthorn fruits are an indispensable component in pharmaceuticals for creating medicines, and in cosmetology for anti-aging products. In the culinary world, hawthorn is ideal for making jams and preserves, and it's also used in the baking industry to flavor dough. Additionally, it's popular in tea blends.

Hawthorn has been traditionally used in folk medicine to treat diarrhea, gallbladder diseases, and bronchial asthma. In China, it is used to improve circulation and treat gastrointestinal disorders. Hawthorn strengthens the cardiovascular system, lowers blood pressure, and reduces cholesterol levels. It can also be used to combat insomnia, stress, improve digestion, and boost the immune system.

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Origin: Ukraine