Lavender ( Latin name: Lavándula angustifólia)

Your wholesale online medicinal plant store can stand out significantly by offering high-quality lavender from Ukraine. This multifunctional plant, known for its medical and therapeutic properties, is ideal for customers seeking natural and effective health solutions.

Benefits of Lavender:

Diuretic and Normalizing Effect: Lavender effectively normalizes liver and gallbladder functions, offering a natural path to health.
Cardiovascular System Support: It improves the nourishment of the heart muscle and helps to normalize blood pressure, especially in people with hypertension.
Treatment of Skin Conditions: Used for treating gangrene and purulent wounds, providing natural antiseptic and healing properties.
Diverse Applications: Besides essential oil, lavender honey and tea are widely used for medical and relaxation purposes.
Eco-friendliness and Quality: Grown in the ecologically clean regions of Ukraine, our lavender guarantees the highest quality and naturalness.

Expand your range by including lavender from Ukraine, offering your clients a product that combines tradition and innovation in natural health.
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Origin: Ukraine