Passiflora, herb( Latin name: Passíflōra, herb)

Enrich your inventory in the wholesale online store of medicinal plants by adding passionflower directly from India. This tropical plant combines decorative and medicinal qualities, recognized by official medicine.
Key properties of passionflower:

Sleep improvement: Passionflower aids in falling asleep faster, reduces the number of awakenings, and increases overall sleep duration.
Antidepressant properties: Passionflower extract is effective in reducing anxiety and tension levels and improving mood.
Calming effect: Used for neurasthenia, insomnia, vegetative disturbances, especially in the climacteric period, and also in the treatment of alcoholism.
Applications of passionflower:

Medicinal products: Fruits and flowers of passionflower are used in the production of capsules, herbal blends, and tinctures.
Additional effects: Passionflower preparations can alleviate headaches, reduce convulsions, and treat insomnia.
Potential use: Passionflower is being studied as a remedy for Parkinson's disease.
Include passionflower in your range to offer customers a natural and effective solution for health and well-being. Contact us for more information and to order products backed by scientific research.

Origin: India