Nettle ( Latin name: Urtica Dioica)

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Nettle is a versatile plant used for the production of chlorophyll in the food, pharmaceutical, and perfume industries. In the food sector, it serves as a source of natural green dye. Water infusions, decoctions, liquid extracts, and frozen nettle briquettes are widely used across various sectors.

Nettle improves hemoglobin levels, is effective against anemia, and is rich in vitamins and microelements. Spring nettle is an ideal remedy against vitamin deficiency, containing twice the vitamins of black currant and more carotene than carrots.

Nettle roots aid in blood coagulation, stimulate metabolism, and reduce blood sugar levels. Nettle root decoction can be used for gargling in cases of bronchitis, tonsillitis, gingivitis, periodontosis, and also for washing hair in cases of oily seborrhea.

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Origin: Ukraine