Rowan, fruit ( Latin name: Sorbus aucuparia, fructus)

Enrich your wholesale online store with unique red rowan berries from Ukraine, known for their medicinal properties in folk medicine. Red rowan is a natural remedy for improving heart, liver, and spleen function, as well as for strengthening blood vessels and treating anemia.
Why choose red rowan:

Comprehensive use: Utilize rowan berries to lower blood pressure, treat anemia, and strengthen immunity.
Rich composition: The fruits contain vitamins C, E, carotenoids, and flavonoids, which are powerful antioxidants.
Broad pharmacological action: Effective in complex therapy and as a preventative measure for various diseases.
Unique taste: Rowan berries can be used in a variety of culinary recipes, enriching the flavor of dishes and beverages.
Health benefits:

Reducing blood pressure and cholesterol levels.
Improving circulation and preventing heart diseases.
Strengthening the immune system and overall health improvement.
Treating and preventing respiratory infections.
Your wholesale online store will become even more popular by offering your clients high-quality and beneficial red rowan berries from Ukraine. Increase your sales and attract new customers by offering natural health and wellness products!
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Origin: Ukraine