Blueberry or billberry, fruit ( Latin name: Vaccinium myrtillus, fructus)

Introducing to your attention the blueberries from Ukraine – an essential product for your wholesale online store of medicinal plants. Being a low-growing shrub, blueberries are rich in vitamins and possess unique medicinal properties.

Valuable properties of blueberries: These berries are a source of anthocyanins, pectins, flavonols, and tannins. Blueberries enhance the blood supply to the retina, reducing eye fatigue and strengthening vision. Their anti-inflammatory and diuretic properties make them an ideal choice for treating a multitude of diseases.

Eco-friendliness and naturalness: Our blueberries grow in the ecologically clean regions of Ukraine, ensuring high product quality. The berries are harvested at full maturity, preserving all their beneficial properties.

Scientific and folk usage: Blueberries are used for treating eye diseases, gastrointestinal tract disorders, and diabetes. Decoctions and infusions made from the berries are effective against diarrhea, and fresh berries help treat scurvy.

Expand your assortment: Including blueberries in your catalog will enrich your store's offer with natural and effective health products. This will attract new customers and strengthen your business's position in the market.

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Origin: Ukraine