Lily of the valley, herb ( Latin name: Convallaria majalis, herba)

Your wholesale online medicinal plant store can stand out in the market by offering high-quality lily of the valley from Ukraine. This multifunctional plant, known for its therapeutic properties, will be a great addition to your assortment.

Main Advantages of Lily of the Valley:

Soothing and Pain Relieving Action: Lily of the valley is effective for throat pain, eye pain, rheumatism, and strengthening the nervous system.
Versatile Use: Water infusions of lily of the valley, powdered flowers, and wine tinctures are used for various medical purposes.
Valuable Raw Material for Pharmaceuticals: Lily of the valley is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry to produce cardiotonic and choleretic drugs.
Eco-friendly Product: Grown in favorable conditions in Ukraine, lily of the valley ensures high quality and effectiveness.
Supports Business and Health: Including lily of the valley in your catalog will help meet the demand for natural and effective medicinal remedies.
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Origin: Ukraine