Common melilot, herb ( Latin name: Melilotus officinalis, herba)

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Description: Medicinal melilot, also known as yellow sweet clover, meadow melilot, and many other names, is a valuable plant in the natural products world. This versatile ingredient is used across various industries – from pharmaceuticals to the food industry.

In pharmaceuticals, melilot is used for creating tinctures and ointments, while in perfumery, it serves as a fragrance and scent fixative. It also finds wide application in the food, confectionery, tobacco, and cosmetics industries.

Melilot is effective in treating thrombophlebitis, lymphostasis, and post-thrombotic syndrome. Its preparations can be used internally as well as externally. Externally, melilot aids in superficial hematomas, sprains, and bruises.

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Origin: Ukraine