Coltsfoot, leaf ( Latin name: Tussilago farfara, folia)

Discover the healing properties of Coltsfoot from Ukraine in your wholesale online store of medicinal plants. This perennial plant, known for its expectorant properties, is used for treating bronchitis, laryngitis, asthma, and other respiratory diseases.

Benefits of Coltsfoot: The leaves of the plant contain mucilage, tussilagin glycoside, saponins, and vitamin C, providing soothing, enveloping, and expectorant effects. It is effective in relieving cough, including whooping cough, facilitating the expulsion of phlegm.

Ecology and Quality: Coltsfoot is cultivated in the environmentally clean regions of Ukraine, ensuring high-quality raw materials. The leaves are harvested in spring and dried under strict quality control.

Scientifically Proven Use: Thanks to its rich composition, Coltsfoot leaves are widely used in both folk and scientific medicine. They are included in many chest collections and are effective in comprehensive therapy for respiratory diseases.

Assortment Enhancement: Adding Coltsfoot to your catalog will allow you to offer natural and effective remedies for cough treatment and respiratory system strengthening to your customers.

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Origin: Ukraine