Rosehip shell ( Latin name: Rosa canina, fructus)

Rosehip Peel from Ukraine — A Natural Source of Health

Introducing "Rosehip Peel," a unique product grown in the ecologically clean areas of Ukraine. This product contains a rich amount of Vitamin C, exceeding the content of this vitamin in lemons and blackcurrants by a hundred times. "Rosehip Peel" is the perfect ingredient for creating invigorating drinks, teas, and infusions.

Thanks to its high nutrient content, "Rosehip Peel" possesses powerful anti-inflammatory and hemostatic properties. It also acts as a diuretic and immune-boosting agent. Regular use helps improve tissue regeneration, including aiding in the healing of gums and treating mucosal atrophy.

Use "Rosehip Peel" for the treatment and prevention of colds and infectious diseases, as well as to support gastrointestinal tract function and enhance appetite. This product is also recommended for kidney stone disease as an effective means of dissolving stones.

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Origin: Ukraine