Rosehip, fruit ( Latin name: Rosa canina, fructus)

Introduce a new product in your wholesale online medicinal plant store – high-quality rosehip fruits from Uzbekistan. This unique natural product, harvested during the ripening period, is a valuable medicinal raw material used for liver and spleen health, and for improving blood circulation.

Features and benefits of rosehip:

Multifunctional application: Rosehip helps with respiratory infections, accelerates wound healing, and aids in the treatment of blood diseases.

Natural source of vitamins: Rich in ascorbic acid, carotenoids, flavonoids, vitamin E, and other important bioactive substances.

Wide range of pharmacological action: Ideal for preventing hypovitaminosis, as a general strengthening agent, and during recovery after illnesses and surgeries.
Pharmaceutical application:

Efficacy and safety: Rosehip is used as a natural "multivitamin complex" to maintain health and strengthen immunity.

Flexibility in use: Rosehip fruits are used in the form of decoctions and infusions, suitable for various medical needs.
Offer for wholesale buyers:

Offer your clients a natural and effective health product – rosehip fruits from Uzbekistan. Our product guarantees high quality and meets all standards. Order in bulk from us and add this valuable natural health source to your assortment!
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Origin: Uzbekistan