Milk thistle, fruit ( Latin name: Silybum marianum, fructus)

Your wholesale online store for medicinal plants can stand out in the market by offering eco-friendly milk thistle from Ukraine, known for its numerous medicinal properties. This natural plant, rich in the flavonoid silymarin, is excellent for maintaining liver health and improving overall well-being.

Key health benefits of milk thistle:

Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties: Silymarin in milk thistle protects liver cells and enhances their function.
Digestive support: Milk thistle promotes healthy digestion, facilitating bile and diuretic processes.
Hepatoprotective action: Used to prevent and treat liver diseases, including hepatitis and cirrhosis.
Versatility in use:

Culinary use: All parts of the plant can be used for food, including roots, leaves, and flowers.

Medical use: Production of herbal teas, extracts, and syrups based on milk thistle for pharmaceutical purposes.

Unique product: Spotted milk thistle is an excellent addition to your range of natural medicinal plants.

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Origin: Ukraine