Sénna ( Latin name: Sennae folia)

Introduce an exclusive item from India to your wholesale online store of medicinal plants – Senna, a natural laxative with proven effectiveness. Known for its healing properties, Senna will be a great addition to your store's assortment.
Why Senna will become a bestseller:

Natural Composition: Senna contains anthraquinones that stimulate the intestine, easing its emptying and contributing to the body's natural detoxification.
High Pharmacological Value: The leaves used in medicine are rich in sennosides A and B, providing a gentle and effective laxative effect.
Broad Application: Senna helps with constipation, inflammatory processes in the intestine, and also improves the overall condition during detoxification.
Add Senna to your product line to offer customers a natural and effective solution for maintaining digestive health. This remedy will be in demand among those who prefer natural treatment methods and strive for a healthy lifestyle. Ensure the quality and popularity of this product by providing only the best to your customers!
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Origin: Ukraine