Yarrow herb ( Latin name: Achilleae millefolium, herba)

Common Yarrow from Ukraine — A Natural Health Remedy

Explore the healing properties of common yarrow, a perennial herbaceous plant grown in the ecologically clean regions of Ukraine. This plant features bright green, rounded leaves up to 15 cm long and 0.5 to 3 cm wide, with numerous oil glands on the underside. The leaves are finely segmented, adding visual appeal and making it ideal for use in folk medicine.

The flowers of common yarrow are small, white or pink, gathered into small inflorescences that form a common shield-like cluster. The plant is valued for its vasodilatory and analgesic properties, particularly effective in treating gastrointestinal tract diseases such as ulcers and gastritis. Yarrow improves digestion and normalizes gastrointestinal tract functions, having a beneficial effect on the entire body.

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Origin: Ukraine