Lemon balm, herb( Latin name: Melissa officinalis, herba)

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Origin: Ukraine. Medicinal lemon balm is not only an effective antispasmodic and calming agent but also a sought-after component in the food industry. Its leaves and flowers are used as a natural dye and additive to various dishes, enriching them with a unique aroma.

Lemon balm in culinary: Ideal for imparting a delicate lemon flavor to salads, omelets, meat, and fish dishes. It also enhances the taste of sauces, soups, and homemade drinks. Professional tip: Add lemon balm at the end of cooking or to ready dishes to preserve its fresh taste and aroma.

Lemon balm in medicine: Boasts a range of medicinal properties, including alleviating nervous disorders, migraines, insomnia, and is also used in treating skin diseases. In folk medicine, infusions and compresses of lemon balm are used to ease various ailments.

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Origin: Ukraine