Blue cornflower, petals ( Latin name: Centaurea cyanus, petalum)

Enhance the appeal of your wholesale online medicinal plant store with cornflowers from Albania! This plant, belonging to the Asteraceae family, is an annual or perennial herbaceous plant with a straight, sometimes branched stem, and grayish-green elongated leaves.

Cornflower - an ideal choice for treating many diseases: Cornflower blossoms possess anti-inflammatory, disinfecting, and diuretic properties. They are effective for colds, bronchitis, coughs, and stomach disorders, and are also used in dermatology and cardiology. Cornflower also serves as an excellent honey plant and decorative flora.

In medicine: Blue cornflower is used in diuretic mixtures and as an antispasmodic for liver diseases. Its blossoms in the form of infusions and teas are used for various kidney and bile duct conditions.

Include cornflower in your catalog to offer clients a natural and effective health-strengthening product. Your store will benefit from offering high-quality Albanian medicinal plants with proven therapeutic properties.

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Origin: Ukraine