Littleleaf linden, flower ( Latin name: Tilia cordata, flos)

Introducing a unique product for your wholesale online herbal store - Linden from Ukraine, a country rich in phytotherapy traditions. Our linden flowers, leaves, and honey made from linden pollen possess numerous medicinal properties.

Linden is more than just an aromatic tea ingredient; it's a potent natural medicine. Widely used in folk and scientific medicine, its flowers and leaves have anticonvulsant, antipyretic, anti-inflammatory, and calming effects. Linden infusions and decoctions are helpful for colds and flu, improving digestion, and facilitating mucus expulsion. Its soothing properties also make linden effective for treating nervous disorders.

Linden honey isn't just delicious – it's also an effective remedy for various ailments. It strengthens the immune system, possesses antibacterial properties, and is used both externally and internally in folk medicine.

Your customers will appreciate the broad spectrum of linden's uses. This plant will be a valuable addition to your store's assortment, attracting natural medicine enthusiasts.
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Origin: Ukraine