Our wholesale online spice store is proud to present you with allspice berries from the picturesque regions of Mexico!

Country of origin: Mexico.

Allspice berries are dried fruits of the pimento tree, a tropical tree. The fruits are harvested before they ripen, then dried and the husk is removed. Allspice berries contain essential oils, tannins, fatty oils, resins, and more.

Allspice is used in various fields such as perfumery, cooking, and medicine. It is added to canned fish and meat, sausages, pates, and cured meats. This spice also flavors hard cheeses, baked goods, and wine drinks. Allspice is widely used in marinades, including those for kebabs, fish, vegetables, and mushrooms. In cooking, allspice is added to fish soups, borscht, kharcho (Georgian soup), meat broths, second meat dishes, and sauces. In the food industry, allspice is part of most dry spice mixes, such as curry, Bolognese, Worcestershire, Frankfurt, and others, as well as sauces, mustards, ketchups, and marinades.

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Origin: Mexico