Onion powder

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From the heart of India to your store! Introducing onion powder — an indispensable spice that will enrich the taste and aroma of any dish. Its versatile use makes it a foundation for creating unique flavor compositions.

Onion powder is an instant way to enhance the flavor of your sauces, dry spice mixes, and a variety of meat products, including canned goods, minced meat, sausages, and pâtés. It will add richness to soup concentrates and appetizers, and give a zesty edge to brined cheeses. In cooking, onion powder is unrivaled — it's used in almost every category of dishes, from soups and mains to condiments and baked goods.

By choosing our onion powder, you receive not just an ingredient, but an entire spectrum of flavor possibilities for your dishes. Invest in quality — and let each of your offerings speak to the high level of your business. With us, every order you make will turn into a success story!

Origin: India