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Country of origin: China.

We are delighted to present to you our chili powder. It possesses all the properties and flavor aromatics of the sharp chili pepper, but is much more convenient to use thanks to its fine fractionality. The taste is spicy, the color is bright orange, transitioning to bright red.

chili powder is often included in the composition of seasonings and combines perfectly with garlic, bay leaf, coriander, basil, and sweet paprika. It is used in the preparation of first courses, snacks, dressings, meat and fish dishes.

But that's not all! Chili powder is also used for medicinal purposes. Food seasoned with this pepper normalizes bowel function, helps the stomach digest heavy food, improves heart function, reduces swelling, and even contributes to strengthening memory. In pharmacology, this pepper is added to the composition of toothpaste aimed at strengthening the gums.

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Origin: China